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Say it, without saying it – is what Boost Mobile says about its call tones. So what is it about Boost Mobile ringback tones that helps make the mobile service provider such claims? With a cool and a happening brand communication, Boost Mobile has made it clear that they are not the same as any and every other mobile service providers around. They are different. Just like each of their customers is different.


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With Boost ringback tones, it is all about customization and personalization. It has a lot of options to help the user choose the most appropriate ringback tone for their number. As a result, the user is able to get just the right ringback tones to suit their personality and preferences.


With Boost Mobile, it is possible to change one’s ringback tones throughout the day, week or month. As a result, there is a lot of variety in the ringback tones. Also, because of this feature, specialized ringback tones can be set on special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays, making the day even more special. No wonder Boost Mobile ringback tones are famous for their ‘we are different’ brand proposition!


It is very easy to subscribe to ringback tones for Boost Mobile. The user has to sign up only once and there is no need for constant registrations in the future. Then the service just sends a text message to confirm the registration, and with a few simple steps, your selected ringbacks get downloaded on the phone.


Also, the charge for subscription for the service is just one time – so you really won’t have to pay for it more than just once. Individually priced at $4.99 per subscription, there is specific and a unique cost for every ringback tone.


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To download Boost Mobile ringback tones, one needs to go to the main menu on their official website. Once BoostLive is selected from the main menu, one needs to look for Call Tones and select that option. (Ringback tones were earlier termed call tones). One can now choose from a variety of items from the Boost Mobile ringback tones library. Once chosen, the same can be downloaded at the price mentioned next to it. There is just one condition. The amount of balance in the Boost Mobile after downloading the ringback tone should be at least $2.50. Once the download is complete the call tone can be located and set at any point. It is really as simple as that!


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